When you dive into the core of the thriving culinary scene in Adelaide, one such destination that remains unmatched today in terms of experiencing the rich, elegant, and ultimate seafood platter is Sammy’s on the Marina. It is renowned for their better commitment to delivering exquisite and the freshness platters of seafood. Sammy’s has attained a lot of fame as of late for the ones in search of the unmatched cuisine endeavor right in your city.

Join us today as we dive into the explicit world of seafood buffets in Adelaide with a special focus on our savory offerings made by our top-notch and experienced culinary maestros here at Sammy’s. Gear up for the extraordinary journey of indulgencej with the rich taste of our fresh seafood platters!

Fresh Seafood
Fresh Seafood


Freshness And Delights of Our Seafood Platters

The real core of any astonishing seafood platter at the iconic waterfront restaurants in Adelaide remains with the pick of our top-quality and fresh seafood. Indulge with the start of our various options catering to your diverse tastes. Mulch into those succulent lobster tails, tender and sweet, rich flavor of crab legs, plump shrimps, buttery scallops, and gulp those tastiest and finest oysters. The real source of our seafood comes directly from our reputed suppliers, ensuring maintaining the best quality.

Lobster Tail Made To Perfection

The crown jewel of our seafood platter belongs to the lobster tails. Broiled, braised, grilled, or steamed, the choice of taste is yours. Drizzle them with a zesty lemon garlic sauce or with melted butter that will enhance the natural sweetness to your taste buds. Our lobster tails are cooked to perfection to give you a succulent flavor at every bite.

Crab Legs Makes A Perfect Feast

Add a bit of fun to your seafood platter by cracking open the crab legs to gain a hands-on experience. Boil or steam the crab legs as cooked to perfection as we serve them with a side of lemon wedges or clarified butter for the most satisfying and elegant feast on those crab legs.

The Perfect Sensation Of Scallops

Enrich your platter with the unique contrast of flavors and textures of our seared delicacy of scallops at one of the best restaurants in Glenelg in Marina. We render them a golden crust on the outside while retaining the tenderness and the butter flavor inside. A bit of seasoning with pepper, salt, or squeezing lemon on top is all that it takes to derive the natural sweetness of the scallops.

Oysters For The Taste Of Ocean

Your seafood platter is only complete if you order oysters in Adelaide on the half shell, which is the limelight of the seafood delicacies. We serve them with a dash of hot sauce, classic mignonette sauce, or a squeeze of fresh lemon. This bringy or the oceanic taste of the oysters renders the elegant element right onto your platter.

Pairing Seafood With Wine

Boost your entire dining experience by pairing your seafood later with the right pick of wine. Choose citrusy and crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a perfect addition complementing the freshness and savory delight of seafood. If you are a red wine enthusiast, then a light Pinot Noir will work wonders, rendering the delicacies of your entire seafood platter.

Reserve Your Spot At Adelaide’s Premier Seafood Platter Destination!

It is the best time experience and elevated dining experience with the richness and savory delight of our seafood platter in Adelaide you will find only at Sammy’s, a seafood restaurant in Adelaide. Reserve your table today and let your senses flow into the most unmatched seafood platter experience you ever had!

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