Sammys Seafood
New flavors and old memories
New flavors and old memories
Sammys Fresh Seafood
Fresh food and good moods
Fresh food and good moods
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One of Adelaide’s best dining establishments has long been Sammy’s.

Greeting generations of diners on sunny afternoons or moonlit nights, it lies peacefully and hospitably on the banks of the River Torrens, just a short stroll from Adelaide’s central business district.

Back then, a classic. An iconic still A delightful surprise for new diners, and always a treat for regulars. calming, simple, and excellent in every aspect.

It’s time to remind yourself what you have been missing if it has been a while.

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The River Torrens was the spot to be on weekends in the early 1900s.

Rowing regattas, parasols, straw Bottas and promenades. Jolleys Boathouse began as a tea shop in 1913, serving sandwiches, ice cream, sodas, and Devonshire teas in this gorgeous setting.

Sadly, it had become a dilapidated and unsafe kiosk by the late 1980s.

After being saved by a few devoted patrons, Jolleys became one of Adelaide’s “go-to restaurants” very fast.

Among them was the renowned architect and longtime owner Barry Matthews.